5 comments on “These smart Koreans?

  1. Surprisingly insightful and probably very accurate. Too bad we weren’t smart enough to invent kimchi…

  2. Hey I only skimmed your rant, but I’d like to point out this is one of the reasons emotional intelligence is much more important in the workplace.

  3. Well put Bud! Being a Mathematics student at UW, I see this first hand day in and day out. My one observation that I would also like to add is that if you pop into a computer lab here on campus and actually look at what they are “studying” you will either find those actually studying, or (I find more commonly), those looking at Asian online TV, shopping, or even the occasional online roll-playing games.

    I would like to note that earlier this year the Dean of Mathematics sent an email to all Math Undergrad students warning us to stop playing online roll playing games and such because the activity is stressing out the servers (or something along those lines).

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