7 comments on “Sorry U.S.

  1. haha i like those two guys too. soldiers tend to be dicks in the usa as well. not just to foreigners.

    were u able to get over to the cf gym for some help this weekend?

  2. John,

    I agree with you. As an American, I am constantly aware that we have a bad reputation worldwide. I am constantly living my life (in Korea) trying to prove that stereotype wrong. I am not loud (usually) nor am I an asshole. I would NEVER go to another table and ask why they aren’t laughing let alone stoop to that stupid level that he did. I’m not going to apologize for his/their behavior because it isn’t my job to do so, but I’m glad to know that you do realize we aren’t all like that. Unfortunately, many people don’t share the same opinion as you.

    I think most of this reputation comes from the uneducated kids that come over here hyped up on testosterone and being controlled so heavily that when they leave the base they let their buzzed hair down. We had a chance to grow up in university, some more than others, but they didn’t. They are younger than most of us and most joined the military because they didn’t have any other options available to them. Just like Americans in general, the military has some great people. Unfortunately, the loudest, most annoying, amazingly shitty people are the ones that are heard/seen the most.

    There is a reason I don’t like to hang out in Itaewan. I saw the same behavior when I went to an American football game and saw the Seoul Warriors (the foreigner team). The quarterback/kicker/team leader/coach was one of the biggest douchebags I’ve ever seen. He was Canadian. But the majority of the team acted superior to everyone else, used the foulest language, played completely devoid of sportsmanship and gave even me a distaste for foreigners in Korea. I hate that since I AM a foreigner here.

    I wish I knew a way to keep these assholes out of other countries and I wish I knew the basis for this asinine behavior. Therefore I could dedicate my life to fixing it. This kind of thing frustrates me beyond anything else. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience in Seoul, I’m sorry it was due to Americans; but I’m glad you know that we aren’t all like that.

    • Well said. There’s Canadian’s that act as douche’s, along with Irish, British and all that. You guys just have the bad name. Your a good bunch, I just feel bad that a few can almost ruin it for you.

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