5 comments on “Silent Beach Bungalow, Koh Samui, Thailand

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  2. Dear Canadian John Boy – just read ur story – had to tell U this story about the place .
    – I’m an old Aussie semi-hippy – stayed at Silent Bungalow in 1982 for 2 nights – yeh 29 years back – just before I went to India doing meditation retreats. Probably b4 U were born. There were some Swiss dudes and girls – about 10 of them living there semi-permanentlly – in the old days – real stoners. (Bit like in the movie – The Beach). They had a kuti (hut) totally devoted to ritual bonging – always set up and bongs loaded – with nice organic local bud. They had lived there at least 3 yrs & made wholemeal bread in an earth oven to sell to healthy minded travellers around the island. This funded their trip every 3mths down to Penang to get another 3 month visa to come back and do it all over again. I got so wasted the 2nd night I was there – It was the 6 oçlock session thing AND the old wizened Siamese owner at the time had just returned from Laos with some SUPER grass (and it was!) It was one toke on that bong in the smoking hut wth all the Swiss & the old man which took me to another universe where I met my god. I think I died actually – in my hut – but returned – totally alive and sorted – with all my life’s questions answered & a great future ahead of me.
    My religious experience aside – and this may explain something of your experience. And it’s about the accent. At that place 29 years ago – maybe not specifically at Silent Bungalow – some Yank tourists had had their way with a Thai girl and the feeling was very strong in the locals. Yanks were not welcome. So the morning I left an American traveller had arrived at the restaurant – he just walked in off the track – and ordered a curry & rice for breakfast. He had a bit of typical Yank archetypical nasal twang – sounded a little arrogant – as an American can do.
    So he was wolfing down his curry and complementing the cook on the flavour – with that accent – and asking what meat it was.
    I understood that when the cook went behind the kitchen – what he would return with. – I had wandered a bit earlier behind the kitchen and had noticed a forked stick in the ground with a cat’s head wedged in it – complete with attached skin – body missing.
    I also wasn’t surprised that the guy at the table – didn’t keep his meal in his stomach for long – and not surprised at all that he bolted out the way he came without paying for his tasty meal.

    So at Silent Bungalow – maybe the memory is still strong – the American accent – the abuse of the girl nearly 30 years before – I often understand why a lot of my Canadian friends I have met have often come out & declared they are “not American” even before I have asked the question.
    Perhaps – in this place you have not declared you were Canadian early enough ….. perhaps you were a victim of mistaken cultural identity.

    I hope you didn’t eat a white meat curry while you were there.
    🙂 Dave

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